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    Unveiling the Ultimate Tool for Shed Hunting

    Approach 2800 with Xcurve frame
    Shed hunting, the art of scouring the wilderness for naturally shed antlers, is a thrilling and rewarding pursuit for outdoor enthusiasts. Yet, venturing deep into rugged terrain demands gear that can keep pace with the adventure. Meet the Stone Glacier Approach 2800 Pack with XCurve Frame, a masterpiece designed for the intrepid shed hunter. Let's delve into why this pack stands out as the prime choice for embarking on shed-hunting escapades.


    Turkey Tool Belt, Worth the Hype?

    Turkey Tool Belt - 1 Shot Gear
    If you subscribe to Sitka Gear or any of their retailers' mailing lists, chances are you've probably heard about the new Turkey Tool Belt. However, the question that is on most people's minds is, "Is it worth it?" or "Does it fit my hunting style more than a traditional turkey vest?" In this article, we are going to discuss just that.


    A letter from our Founder

    1 Shot Gear
    2023 was a monumental year for 1 Shot Gear. As a business, we experienced steady growth despite the trembling economy. Thanks to you, our loyal customers, who supported us!


    Sous Vide Duck with Blackberry Pan Sauce

    Sous Vide Duck with Blackberry Pan Sauce
    Duck breasts can be difficult to cook to a perfect medium-rare. Using a sous vide machine takes the guesswork out of cooking them to the proper temperature. Sous vide translates to "under vacuum" in French. Sous vide is a method of cooking that involves the process of vacuum-sealing food and immersing it in a precisely controlled warm water bath.