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    Nightforce was established in 1992 with one goal in mind: to build the finest riflescopes on the market. The same qualities that have made Nightforce and Nightforce Scopes the choice of professionals have now created a dedicating following among hunters and serious shooters. Nightforce Scopes are put through rigorous tests that ensure you're getting the best quality humanly possible. Their scopes are put through a 70 point inspection - something that doesn't happen with the competition.


    • All scopes are submerged in 100 feet of water for a full 24 hours, ensuring complete waterproof integrity
    • Thermal stability is tested by freezing them at -80 degrees F and then heating to 200 degrees F in one hour with a full function check at both temperature extremes
    • Recoil/impact tests are conducted at 1250 Gs (positive and negative) to ensure total tracking accuracy and resolution integrity is maintained
    • These are a few of the testing and inspection points your scope goes through before it's ever put in action on your rifle

    If you're ready to try out some of the best hunting optics on the planet then come check out our stocked inventory of Nightforce Scopes and see for yourself why they've become the choice of professionals.