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    SKIF Knives

    SKIF Knives

    Scythians — fearless warriors of antiquity, who lived on the territory of modern Ukraine. Unpretentious and strong — they instilled horror in the hearts of enemies and aroused admiration of contemporaries. That is why for new knives created for use in the most extreme conditions, the SKIF name was chosen, a symbol of power, reliability and unpretentiousness. The use of modern materials, thoughtful and functional design, as well as manufacturing technology makes TM SKIF knives suitable for use in any situation. Therefore, SKIF knives will become reliable assistants to the hunter, fisherman and just a lover of outdoor activities throughout life. IBIS is an exclusive representative of SKIF in Ukraine, which is the guarantor of originality of products. Supply is carried out directly from the manufacturer, which eliminates the likelihood of fakes. In addition, the IBIS company provides certified after-sales service for goods purchased in the IBIS chain of stores.