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    Spotting Scopes

    Scouting is probably one of the most important aspects to being a successful hunter, whether you going after trophies or meat.  The thing that most people don't consider is eye fatigue.  We have tested hundreds of brands and models and have created a collection of spotting scopes brands like Swarovski, Leica, and Zeiss.


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    Sale Sold Out $2,288.00 $2,059.00

    The Swarovski Modular 95mm Objective Lens ARCA-SWISS is the ideal system for your glassing needs. The extra low-dispersion fluoride glass elements effectively deliver bright images that are color-faithful, sharp, and rich in detail, making your Swarovski Modular 95mm Objective Lens...

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    Sale $2,632.00 $2,369.00

    When looking for game and you want to travel light, the Swarovski ATX Modular Angled Eyepiece is ideal. This is a compact angled scope, which has room to expand/improve using seamlessly integration with the DCB II and the TLS APO...

    Sale $3,077.00 $2,769.00

    Imagine a scope designed to work with how your brain is wired to “view.” The Swarovski BTX Eyepiece Module has the solution. This spotting scope allows you to use both of your eyes to get a clearer, richer, real, and...

    Sale $172.00 $155.00

    This stay-on case will protect your Swarovski ATX scope eyepiece.

    Sale $1,143.00 $1,029.00

    The Swarovski Modular 65mm Objective Lens (Arca-Swiss) takes functionality to a brand new level. The updated tripod shoe fits the Arca-Swiss quick release plates, and the Swarovski Modular 65mm Objective Lens (Arca-Swiss) will support any of the available Swarovski Eye...

    Sale $183.00 $165.00

    This stay-on case will protect your Swarovski 95 scope.

    Sale Sold Out $1,877.00 $1,689.00

    The Swarovski ATS 65 spotting scope body is lightweight and compact with high quality optics. The angled view offers effortless observation and extra comfort. Arca Swiss mount. Scope Finish: Rubber Armored GreenWarranty: Limited LifetimeScope Body Length: 12.79"Scope Body Weight: 36ozMPN:...

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    Sale $810.00 $729.00

    The Swarovski 25x to 50x Wide Angle Zoom Eyepiece provides you a comfortable viewing throughout its complete magnification range. This brilliant performer has a complex 9-element aspherical optical formula, and Swarovski’s proprietary Swaroclean and Swarotop lens coating. The 65° angle...

    Sale Sold Out $643.00 $579.00

    The Swarovski 20x to 60x Zoom Eyepiece is a rugged, lightweight, and brilliant performer. The Swarostop coatings improve the color fidelity over the entire spectrum. The Swarovski 20x - 60x Zoom Eyepiece is designed to work with Swarovski ATS, STS,...

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    Sale Sold Out $183.00 $165.00

    This stay-on case will protect your Swarovski 85 scope.

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    Sale Sold Out $432.00 $389.00

    Swarovski's 1.7x Magnification Extender increases the magnification available to the ATX/BTX/STX modular spotting scope systems. It is compatible with all configurations of ATX, BTX, and STX and 65mm, 85mm, and 95mm objective lenses. This accessory simply installs with a simple twist between...

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    Sale $1,910.00 $1,719.00

    Representing the mid-sized option in their line of modular spotting scopes, the Swarovski Optik ATX/STX/BTX 85mm Objective Lens Module gets an updated tripod shoe that fits Arca-Swiss quick release plates; and will accept any of the three available eyepiece modules:...