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    Turkey Tool Belt, Worth the Hype?

    Turkey Tool Belt - 1 Shot Gear
    If you subscribe to Sitka Gear or any of their retailers' mailing lists, chances are you've probably heard about the new Turkey Tool Belt. However, the question that is on most people's minds is, "Is it worth it?" or "Does it fit my hunting style more than a traditional turkey vest?" In this article, we are going to discuss just that.


    Early Season Turkey Hunting: Blind vs. "Run and Gun” by Frank Peralta

    Early Season Turkey Hunting
    The early season is one of the most exciting times to pursue wild turkeys. The birds are still in large groups and are generally more vocal and active than later in the season. But early season turkey hunting can also be challenging, as birds can be reluctant to break off from large groups. Here are some early season turkey hunting tactics to help you increase your chances of success.