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    Dustin Roe

    Professional outfitter with more than decade of experience guiding high-end mountain hunts including over 20 species.  He owns Backcountry BC and Beyond, a freelance guide service that allows him to lengthen his season and guide year-round between Canada other countries like New Zealand and Mexico.  Dustin is well known for his world record setting and award winning hunts.  If you're looking for a trophy class animal, he's your guide!  He's sponsored by some of the top brands in the industry including: Sitka Gear, Stone Glacier, MTN-OPS, and YETI.

    Dustin has been kind enough to stop by us at 1 Shot Gear to share his expert hunting knowledge and answer your questions in this special seminar. 

    Submit your questions for Dustin in the comments here.  There will be a MTN-OPS Enduro giveaway for the best question!

    Dustin Roe from Backcountry BC and Beyond

    Highlights and Success

    • 2009 Gold Archery Stone Ram award taken by Tom Hoffman.
    • 2010 Diamond Archery Stone taken by Keith Redding.
    • 2010 Hoffman-Frost Award for a 177 Desert Sheep taken by Murray Fain
    • 2011 Gold Archery Stone Ram award taken by Blake Patto
    • 2011 Guided BC Premiers Sheep Tag to New World Record Archery Stone taken by Jim Hens
    • 120 total successfully guided sheep kills
    Dustin Roe