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    Swarovski NL Pure 52

    Swarovski NL Pure 52

    The brand-new Swarovski NL Pure 52 binoculars offer breathtaking observations when every detail counts. In difficult light conditions, the Swarovski NL Pure 52 binoculars reveal their full strength. A 52 mm objective lens diameter captures an exceptional amount of light. The Swarovski NL Pure 52 are professional binoculars for demanding observation situations, particularly in difficult light conditions. With 10x and 14x magnification, they help you identify critical details while their field of view keeps everything in sight. The characteristic NL Pure wasp waist ensures the NL Pure 52 binoculars sit ergonomically in your hand. Maximum color fidelity and uncompromising image definition all the way to the edges are guaranteed by the proven SWAROVISION technology.