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    Sitka Gear Big Game: Subalpine Mid-Season Archery System

    The Sitka Gear Mid-Season Archery Subalpine system’s complete skin-to-shell modularity provides comfort, performance, protection, and scent/sound suppression during those close-quarter, mid to late fall pursuits of prey below tree line. The proprietary fabric of this system quickly moves moisture away from the skin while keeping the elements at bay, all the while keeping you dry and comfortable during those high-output climbs. The outerwear layer aids in the suppression of sound and sent, minimalizing the chance of a blown stalk. Sitka Gear’s GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine technology, which is used across the entire system, is scientifically proven and engineered to confuse the vision of antelope, elk, mule deer and other ungulates while stalking in lush terrain.