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    Sitka Core Merino Collection

    Sitka Core Merino Collection

    The benefits of incorporating merino wool into a hunting system are obvious — an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio means less bulk and natural odor-resistance helps you stay undetected. The problem is that traditional merino doesn’t meet our demands for durability. New products from Sitka Core Merino Collection solves this issue with Sitka ArmorSpun merino wool, which strengthens merino to make it durable enough to count on in unforgiving environments.  And with three different base layer weights, there’s a perfect option for every hunt.

    120: Ultralight for Hot-Weather Hunts and Active Pursuits
    The 120 Series is ultralight to keep you cool and dry through sweltering early-season hunts, as well as help you regulate temperature during active pursuits in variable conditions. The extremely light merino wool-blend fabric naturally resists odor to help you stay undetected, even when used as an outer layer, and it’s engineered for increased durability. This versatility makes it the ideal choice for milder climates or highly mobile hunters.

    220: Versatile Warmth for Cool-to-Cold Conditions
    Sitka made the 220 Series to be an essential piece in just about every hunter’s kit. The double-layer merino-blend fabric helps it stay in your system as you go from mild fall hunts to cold late-season conditions. Merino wool also naturally resists odor and regulates temperature, and ours is reinforced for added durability. This makes it a particularly great choice for whitetail and waterfowl hunters who mostly hunt in cool-to-cold weather.

    330: Essential for Late-Season Sits in Frigid Weather
    When you’re hunkered down in frigid temps or hiking through mounting snow drifts, you need the heavyweight warmth of the 330 Series. The merino wool-blend fabric offers more warmth with less bulk and naturally resists odor when you’re on extended hunts. Sitka also engineered it to be stronger than traditional merino. And since wetness is the biggest threat to warmth in cold conditions, we gave it a synthetic interior that rapidly moves moisture away from your skin and through your system.